Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 5 on Captiva

Early up this morning for coffee and toast. Al has an appointment with a massage therapist in Sanibel at 9AM.  He has been suffering with pain in his left shoulder from either a torn muscle or rotator cuff injury  (He probably hurt it sawing up a 20+ foot limb that fell from one of our trees the week we left.)  The massage did help relieve some of the pain so we are glad that he went.
We then ate breakfast at Over Easy Cafe, a very popular local spot.  Al had his fave bagel and lox platter and I decided to try the French toast which I did not like....the batter was loaded with cinnamon, way too much for my taste.  Afterwards, we took a short hike through Bailey Tract, a favorite area for birding.   Since it was noon by now, we did not see many birds, just a few ducks including Moorhens and Pied-Billed Grebes and a couple Herons.
Next, we went to Bailey's General Store for some groceries and some fresh shrimp for dinner. And then we headed back to the house. Relaxed the afternoon away.

Tonight, I prepared one of Al's favorites - Shrimp Puttanesca over Linguine - a spicy dish with anchovies, garlic, Greek olives, red pepper flakes, capers and tomatoes.  Served this with green salads, hot rolls,glasses of wine.  Bon Appetit!  I must say that we both enjoyed dinner.

For future reference:
Massage- Charlene Black
 2400 Palm Ridge Rd

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