Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 16 on Captiva

Early morning walk on the beach.
I was out early today to collect shells on the beach.  We had a lot of wind last night and I just knew the morning would be good for shelling.  My best find was an intact sand dollar!  I also found a lot of fighting conches, many of them still alive that I threw back into the ocean.   There was a wide assortment of shells including olives, calico scallops, augers, cones, angel wing, shark's eye, murex, whelk to name a few. 
Pelicans arriving on the beach early morning.

This was President's Day and usually one of the busiest day on the islands.  Today was no different! We went into Sanibel to pick up shoes that Al ordered and traffic was backed up on San-Cap road almost to DDNWR.  We cut off on Rabbit Road and took the back way on West Gulf Drive to Casa Ybel Road into Periwinkle. This saved a lot of time and sitting in the traffic jam.
After leaving the shoe shop, we did a back drive into Jerry's and shopped for dinner.  We then returned to Captiva using the back way to Tarpon Bay Rd.
I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for a quick lunch on the porch. We then headed to the beach with our books to enjoy the sand and surf. here were over 12 surfers riding the waves. This was an absolutely beautiful day of sun and warm breezes.
We stayed in tonight due to the heavy traffic and congested restaurants. I made  Dijon Chicken with Panko Crust that I cooked in the oven. Found the recipe on the internet. Served with whipped potatoes and a tossed salad of baby greens. 
That's all for the day.

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