Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 9 on Captiva

Another very cool morning on the island but it is to warm up for the rest of the week. It's cold and snowy back in Ohio. We stayed in for breakfast of sausage and eggs with fresh oranges and grapefruit. Nothing better than Florida citrus!  After noon, we drove in to Timbers to purchase a couple of filets for our special Valentine's dinner.  We stayed away from the restaurants on Valentine's as every place is usually overly busy as we have learned in past years.

We made a drive through DDWR and saw many yellow-crowned night herons sunning in the mangroves...this was the most we have ever seen in one drive. We used to see numbers of them at Bailey Tract but they must have moved here.  Lot of white pelicans sunning in a couple areas of the drive along side cormorants and large group of shorebirds.  Only saw one lone Roseate but they have increased in numbers in past years.  We do miss seeing the large groups of ducks and the species that were here 20 years ago.  Only saw pied-billed grebes mallards,  mottleds, blue winged teals,  scaups, or other species of the past. Maybe just the timing of our drives.

White Pelicans and Shore Birds

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

Tonight I made shrimp scampi with lots of garlic, red peppers, and mushrooms served over bed of linguine.  Was yummy!  Also had Key Lime Pie (fromTimbers) topped with fresh strawberries from the Farmer's Market.  Nice ending to our day.

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