Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 11 on Captiva

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Tuesday began as usual and the morning was started with coffee and pastries.  It is cool but sunny today, almost too cool for sitting on the porch.  I played with card challenges and Al is studying the Northfield Races for Thursday selecting his picks.  I also posted to this blog.....this year I am glad to say that I have been posting daily entries rather than several days at a time.

We lunched inside having  Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado sandwiches and chips.   Guess that is BLTA for short.  We are enjoying our meals at home rather than going through the hassle of traffic and waits in the restaurants.  Yes, we do have traffic on the island especially during peak season which we are in.  We were reminiscing about the trips we used to make here the week after Labor Day and we had the island almost to ourselves,  Hardly anyone on the beach and no lines of traffic on the roads or long lines at the eating places.  But we are glad that business is good here.

We ventured out to the beach this afternoon but found it to be very windy and very empty.  So we turned around and headed back inside.  It was very sunny but only in the hi 60's. 

We enjoyed dinner of panko-crusted grouper pan fried (prepared by Al), angel hair pasta with garlic olive oil sauce and green salads.   The grouper was delicious and is one of our favorite seafood in Florida. 

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