Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 28 on Captiva

We were late getting started today.  Still rather cloudy and cool.  We ate an early lunch of sandwiches around 11:00.  Al drove into Sanibel to Bailey's for some seafood for dinner.  I went out to the beach and spent about an hour walking to the bridge and made photos of the shore birds and collected a few shells.     There was a  number of birds but hardly any people.

The picture directly above is an strange bird in that it is a Laughing Gull with the  brightest red-orange bill and feet. He should have blackish feet in the winter. According to Lillian Stokes,  in summer this bird gets a black head and dark red bill and legs are dark with reddish undertone. Check out this post on her blog about the bird seen on Captiva at the beach in December. 

 Al joined me with his book on the beach when he arrived back from shopping.  Even though it was    a bit cool,  we stayed on the beach awhile.
Helicopters on a Mission Flew Over

For dinner, I pan roasted the Grouper that Al bought with lemon and served with pasta and salad with hot rolls.

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