Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 21 on Captiva

Friday was another quiet day on the island. No need to bore you with the details but it was even too cold to sit on the porch or walk on the beach unless you really bundled up.  We had planned to pick Cecilia, my sister, up at the Punta Gorda airport today for a visit but she decided not to come without any explanation. We were both disappointed and had been so excited about her visit.
Tonight we called Lazy Flamingo  early enough to get an order to go.  We did not want to fight the crowd and/or face a possible long wait for a table or space at the bar.  This is one favorite, popular spot with the locals and snowbirds.
We dined on Fried Oysters with their spicy French fries, coleslaw, Caesar salad and  Flamingo Garlic bread.  Enjoyed this with Blue Moon beers.

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