Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 25 on Captiva

This morning we decided to check out the Indigo Trail at DDWR...it has been several years  since we walked this trail and they have built a new boardwalk with observation tower in the last couple years. There was a slight mist as we walked the trail looking for birds.  We had sightings of a female Anhinga, Tri-colored Heron, and Blue-winged Teals along with several Ibis.  This area is a large roosting area for the Ibis.


But the most exciting sight of the day was spotting the elusive and secretive Mangrove Cuckoo in mangroves along the boardwalk  near the entry gate to the drive.  Al got the photograph below:

We were very excited to see this bird and it   was the fourth time we have spotted  him in DDWR.
After a lunch of sandwiches,  we spent a couple hours at the beach and saw more birds on the beach than in previous days.  There will more photos of shore birds in later posts.

Tonight I made Shrimp Scampi with red peppers, mushrooms, and garlic served over pasta with salad and hot rolls. We enjoyed this day of warmth and sun.

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