Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 24 on Captiva

Today Al went into Sanibel for his Monday Massage....he looks forward to this as it seems to give him some relief from his shoulder aches and pain.  I stayed home and worked on some cards in my makeshift studio.  The day is sunny and warm, with a cool breeze.

We were visited by a flock of Ibis ( about 25) feeding on the grounds.  We quickly grabbed the cameras and made some photos as they strolled the length of the property:

After a lunch of Turkey Sandwiches,  we settled in at the beach with books for the afternoon.
For dinner we had Orange Roasted Salmon with fresh corn and green salad.  This was a great roast slices of orange and onion with herbs for 25 min at 400 and then add salmon and  pour on a mixture of orange juice, lemon juice, honey and seasonings .  Bake at 425 for another 12-15 min.  I am posting this recipe so I will remember for another time.

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