Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 17 on Captiva

Note: There was a delay in my daily postings.  Postings are now resumed at the point I had stopped.

The week began with an early trip into Sanibel for Al to have a massage at Massage Time on Periwinkle Road.   I sat and read more of  Unbroken while I waited in the car.   Afterwards we went to Jerry's Restaurant for breakfast.  Al had Waffle with Sausage and I had half Eggs Benedict.

After shopping for groceries.....we do a lot of shopping.....we had an uneventful day as it was too cool and rainy to do much outside.  For dinner we had Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Orange-Soy sauce. Served with fresh corn and a green salad.

Sad Note: Today we received word from Tennessee that my Uncle Joe had passed away after a heart attack which he suffered last week.  Joe was 91 years old and was the most wonderful man. He will be missed.  Tennessee and most of the surrounding states are covered with ice making travel impossible by car or plane.  We are unable to travel for Joe's funeral but are with him in our thoughts and prayers.
Joseph C. Mitchell

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