Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 14 on Captiva

Our morning began early this morning because we attended the birding lecture of  longtime winter residents of Sanibel Island ,Donald and Lillian Stokes,  at Ding Darling Education Center. The event started at 10:00 and we there by 9:05 to make sure we had seats as there was limited seating and there is always a big turnout.   Our timing was just right because all the seats were filled by 9:15 and people were turned away.  We enjoyed the slide show and talk by the Stokes as they are quite entertaining and informative.  After the lecture, we were almost the first in line to have some new bird books written by the Stokes personally autographed.  
I am anxious to see 3 birds that they have recently seen at DDWR....white crowned pigeon, green-winged teal, and hooded merganser.  Stay tuned for reported sightings.

We then ended up at  the Sanibel Deli and Coffee Factory for lunch...our first time here.  We were looking for a place that would be quick and no wait.  We happened to get in before a line formed to order at the counter.  Food was good and served fairly quickly.  Al had a Sanibel Fire sandwich... roast beef  on a sub roll with a lot of heat...very, very hot mustard. But that's the way he likes it!! I had Croissant with Chicken salad ...just the way I like it too....chunks of chicken, celery and not too much mayo.  Served with great crunchy chips and pickle.  Great place for sandwiches and looks like it might be a good place for coffee and breakfast sandwiches.  Will come back again.

After lunch,  we shopped at Bailey's for a few items of groceries.  We have been enjoying eating in most meals and like to keep the pantry full.  We then stopped at the dock on Tarpon Bay butdid not see much wildlife,  just a few cormorants sunning on mile  markers posts.

It was too cool again to spend time on the beach but was a sunny day.   For dinner I prepared Lemon Chicken with Asparagus with a recipe found on the web.   Recipe here It was very simple, quick and good. I served with sliced tomatoes with basil and Ciabatta rolls.  Photo taken from recipe on line.
That's all to report for Friday the 13th.  Not a bad day!  Hope everyone is keeping warm!

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