Thursday, February 23, 2017

Day 19 on Captiva

Another morning of rain! Only lasted a brief time.  Al had an appointment for a massage at Tween Waters Spa at 10:00 and I finished some cards that I started yesterday.  I had a problem with my laptop this morning and after several tries, it would not open.  ( I did not know the reason that the computer would not open until we took it in to Best Buy Geek Squad Friday.) Unfortunately I had cracked the screen on my laptop when I unknowingly tried to shut the top with a plastic clip inside.  Basically I killed my laptop.
Al was not upset that and I had been so careless but I was.  He just said we would get another one for me.

Putting my problem aside, we continued the day.   We had lunch of Tuna Salad sandwiches and Iced Tea at the pool.  Enjoyed the sunny afternoon relaxing, swimming and reading. 

Both Eagle chicks shown sitting in the nest:

I prepared Beef Stroganoff,  again, using leftover beef from last night's steak.  Just happened to have all the ingredients that I needed.  Served with Salad and Hot Roll.

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