Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 3 on Captiva

After coffee and sweet rolls on the porch,  we headed to Ding Darling Wildlife Drive to check out the birds.  Did not leave too early but it was low tide and a lot of birds were feeding.   We spotted the usual herons, Reddish Egrets and large flocks of White Pelicans but not too many smaller shorebirds. Sharing some of the photos that I took on the drive.

 White Pelicans


 Immature Heron
 Black Crowned Night Heron
Little Green Heron

White Heron

A fisherman showed me this fish but I forgot the name......maybe scissor fish??
We drove over to Bailey's Center and picked up some more provisions including snapper for tonight's dinner, some pastries, bagel, bread, etc.   Back to the cottage for brunch of  scrambled eggs, bacon,  and bagel.  Enjoyed the afternoon poolside reading, sunning, and napping.
For dinner we prepared snapper with a panko coating and served with red lettuce salad with radishes, tomatoes, onions and Parmesan cheese with  my homemade dressing.  W enjoyed with glasses of wine.

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