Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 2 on Captiva

A beautiful sunny morning after a restful night began on the porch with coffee and pastries.  Al was up early and enjoyed doing surveys on the porch.  I took an early walk to the beach but I was the only one there....not even a single shore bird was in sight. 
Construction of a new house is going on the property next to us...the opposite side of the cottage from the eagle's nest.   The crew arrived about 8 but not too much noise except for some trucks backing in.
We spent a relaxing day hanging out at the cottage.  I set up my "Studio" for card making  in the downstairs suite. 
Eagle's Nest

I served Clam Chowder (from can) for a light lunch on the porch.  Enjoyed the computer surfing and reading on the porch most of the day just resting and relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Guardo, the handy man, was here most of the day repairing the fence around the property and the gazebo stand at the pool.  He also moved the grill to a more convenient spot outside and replaced the propane tank.   Margarethe, the owner, was also here doing some work on the grounds and removing the netting around the gazebo which she is replacing.

We moved to the pool for our drinks around 4 .... that was as far as we went today.

 For dinner on the porch, we grilled chicken breasts and  served with mashed red potatoes and  arugula, tomato, and mozzarella salad and vinaigrette.

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