Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 9 on Captiva

Today began a little cloudy.  Enjoyed coffee and sweet rolls on the porch.  I spent some time writing on this blog and Al was on his computer.  After early brunch  we went to Timbers to buy some filets for dinner tomorrow night.  We decided to swing through Ding Darling on the way back and we just happened to have our cameras. Lot of birds were feeding at the low tide and lot of people and fishermen  on the drive.  I got some photos of birds having lunch.

 White pelicans were in abundance.

 A flock of Willets hanging out on one of the islands.
 We spent the afternoon at the pool swimming and reading.
We watched the eagles at the nest from the gazebo.
Tonight, we had a casual picnic supper.  Al grilled beef Hot Dogs ( Hebrew National) and I made some great Potato Salad. Served with fresh sliced tomatoes and green beans. I only let Al have hot dogs on rare occasions but he loves hot dogs and sausages of all kinds.

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