Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 24 on Captiva

Early up this am to go to Fort Myers on missions of the day.....drive was about 45 minutes as we took a shortcut  this time.  Arrived at Best Buy just as the store opened at 10:00 and had to wait behind 2 others to pick up new and old computers.  We then headed to Val Ward Cadillac Repair Department and arrived about 10:40 for a 11:00 appointment.  We had excellent and quick service and were on our way by 11:45 with a repaired lift gate and a clean car.

Our next stop was a nearby Verizon store for Al to have someone check his Blueberry ear piece that quit working.   We received no solution to that problem and they do not carry a replacement that Al could use.  Adjacent to this store was a Chick fil a where we had lunch of a spicy chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets.  This is the fastest and most efficient fast food restaurant chain by far!

Our next stop was a spin at Sanibel Shops Outlets before we drove back to the causeway.  The only thing we bought was Polo Black After Shave Gel for Al. Even thought the name of the outlet  has changed,  the stores are still the same.

We drove across the street and shopped at a Publix and picked up a pork tenderloin and some large shrimp for dinners.  As we drove over the causeway back to the islands, it looked like the island of Sanibel was evacuating there were so many cars coming across.  But the traffic did not slow down our side.
For dinner Al grilled skewers of shrimp, mushrooms, and onions that I marinated with my own recipe of liemon juice and zest, garlic, oil, squeeze tomato paste, red pepper flakes, lemon pepper, kosher salt, black pepper, and pinch cayenne.  I served with my Parmesan cheese grits and green salad.   We are beginning to enjoy our dinners at home more than going out especially when we serve glasses of wine. I need to get Al to make phone photos of our dinners to share as some look as good as they taste.

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