Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 7 on Captiva

Cannot believe a week has passed since we arrived. Another lazy day on Captiva.  Enjoyed coffee and blueberry muffin on the porch.  Finished reading another book A Perfect Life by Danielle Steel.  We had early lunch of sandwiches and chips with fresh strawberries on the porch.  Al has been busy selecting his picks for the races at Northfield Park tonight.  We spent the afternoon poolside reading and napping.  Edgardo and his wife Norma were here to clean the cottage and grounds.

The eagle chick seems about ready to fledge since he spends a lot of time flapping his wings.  The eagles have been much quieter than I thought they would be....not nearly as noisy as ospreys in their nests.

Tonight for dinner, I made Chicken Puttanesca with Linguini, one of Al's favorites.  Served with green salad. Enjoyed on the porch where he watched the Northfield races on the computer. 

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