Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 25 Captiva

Today, we went up to the Lighthouse area of Sanibel. First we stopped at the Sanibel Cafe for brunch. Al had his regular--lox and bagel platter and I had tuna salad with tomato slices. Note to me: tuna had onion and was dry...had to ask for more mayo. Next stop was Sanibel Marina...we had this marina confused with Port Sanibel Marina that is across the causeway behind Lighthouse Restaurant which is where Adventures in Paradise is located. This marina is the location of the "Thriller", a tourist boat that passes by the beach every afternoon.

Pirate at Sanibel Marina

Al at Sanibel Marina

Sanibel Marina

Gramma Dot's Restaurant at Marina

Causeway Seen from Marina

Thriller at Marina

 Drove by the Sanibel Lighthouse...did not stop here but made pics from car.

We drove out to the beach at the causeway, made some pictures and then drove under the bridge taking the turnaround to the other side of the beach. I have always wanted to do this turnaround drive.

Lighthouse Seen from Causeway Beach

Causeway Bridge from Beach

View from Causeway Beach

Stopped at Comfort by Design.... I found some walking shoes more then 50% off with additional 10% off with a coupon.  Always looking for a bargain! Stopped at Jerry's and drove home. Did a late drive through DDNWR around 5:00.  (Pictures to follow in another Post.)
Most interesting thing we saw was a bunch of horseshoe crabs grouped together. Al thinks they were mating because of the way they were hanging together. We were in DDWR until sunset .....saw some of the birds as they gathered before they flew off to their roosting areas.

Dinner was ham steak, baked sweet potatoes, green beans, and salad at Pollack's Diner.

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