Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 21 Captiva

We were up early and packed a picnic lunch and headed to Ft Meyers. We stopped at the Tangers Outlet mall and checked out the stores. Then we headed to Six Mile Slough to do some birding. Ate lunch at the picnic area at the entrance. We have been here many times and our visit is always different. At the beginning at the walk is a lake where they have platforms in the water....on one of the platform was an alligator sunning and on the other were several turtles. Under the deck where we were standing was a baby alligator swimming.

 On the boardwalk we spotted a Palm Warbler, a blue heron and a great egret landed on the railing nearby. We also saw ibis, yellow crown night herons, anhingas, and ospreys.

 Our best sighting was a black crowned night heron out in the open on roots of the cypress trees. He was a very large bird and this heron is not often seen in the open,but mostly tucked away in the shurbs.

After more than 2 hours in the slough, we headed to Publix to shop. We must have been hungry because we bought a lot. Stopped at Wings, store in Sanibel, to find croakies for Al's new sunglasses. Arrived back at the house about 5:00 both tired from the day.

Made an easy dinner of fresh made sushi-salmon and tuna sushi and salmon rolls- purchased at Publix and a PF Chang dinner of Shanghai style beef with red peppers and green beans served with rice. These frozen dinners are very good and only take a few minutes to prepare. We enjoyed dessert of Italian Wedding cake from Publix bakery....very good!

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