Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 7 Captiva

On Friday, we had breakfast of fresh Florida grapefruit, scrambled eggs, and hot biscuits with jam on the porch. Then we headed to Ding Darling NWR for a talk and book signing by Don and Lillian Stokes, nationally acclaimed bird authors who have recently released a new bird guide. We have been fans of this couple for many years having seen many of their talks and seen and talked with them often on the DDNWR drive. Were also followers of their TV shows. To learn more about these winter residents of Sanibel Island, go to their blog, Stokes Birding Blog.

We spent part of the afternoon on the beach soaking up some rays and watching the shore birds.
Some photos of the beach:
Captiva Beach

Man in Canoe

Solitary Gull

Skimmers with Terns

Cutest Guy on the Beach

Almost forgot...dinner was takeout from Lazy Flamingo....mesquite grilled chicken sandwich and the bestest hamburger and of course fries. Not too healthy but we are on vacation?  Too lazy to cook so Al volunteered to pickup dinner. 

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CraftinGranny said...

Read all your posts Theresa and the pictures are awesome. Sounds like you both are eating really well and enjoying yourselves. Have a wonderful winter vacation, stay safe and enjoy the beautiful warm weather.

Will be checking back in for more exciting pictures and news. "Hugs" Carol