Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 6 Captiva

On Thursday, we thought we would be inside because  rain was forecast but it never came. We had our usual coffee and then drove to Sanibel Island (15 minute drive) and had lunch at The Sanibel Cafe, one of the best for breakfast/lunch on the island.  Tables are museumlike glass cases containing delicate fossilized specimens from the Miocene and Pliocene epochs.  Food  is all fresh and cooked to order. Al had bagel and lox with all the trimmings and I had shrimp salad ( made of whole shrimp, not chopped) served with melon, tomatoes and fresh baked muffin served with homemade jam. To see more about this restaurant, go to their cute site.
We checked out the shops at Tahitian Gardens ...Al bought a new jacket with so many pockets that he'll never find anything but he loved the jacket. Shown below: 
I found a chambray shirt that I had been looking for.  Made us both happy shoppers. At the "Good Life" shop Al bought a license plate cover and a shirt on clearance. At another shop, I bought another Sanibel building block for my collection of Cat's Meow Village...this one is of Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.
Stopped at Jerry's, the other  supermarket on Sanibel, for dinner provisions. And at this shopping plaza, I found another pair of shoes, this time a pair of Sperry white topsiders at Footloose and Al found a "Good Life" tee shirt at the H2O shop.

Tonight, we dined at "Pollack's Diner" on Panko-encrusted Grouper (Fresh) with lemon butter sauce, fresh asparagus, and angel hair pasta with garlic. Served with wine.  Prepared by Chef Theresa and Sous Chef Al.

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Payne Holler Cards said...

lovin it with ya....ahhhhhhhh eating, relaxing, shopping...the beach!! what could be better!!!
and for SIX weeks...i'm just green with envy LOL

love reading about your mini-move (-: