Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 14 Captiva

Another rainy morning. Spending the day inside again. Spent the morning catching up posts for this blog. Wrote diary entries for the last 5 days...then back posted to the corresponding days. Also downloaded several pictures and edited for posts. Had early coffee and pastries. Cooked eggs and bacon that I served with toasted bagels and cream cheese around 11:00.  Al printed the program for Saturday's Northfield Races and worked on his picks.
Dinner tonight was grilled salmon with honey-mustard glaze with panko crust. Served with rice and salad with feta cheese.  Rained most of  Friday night.
Rene came over to change dish box on TV....improved the HDTV reception.

Now to share some pictures made on our Thursday walk on Andy Rosse Drive. Check out these multi-million dollar houses. Which do you prefer?

Al presents this for $2.5 Million


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