Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 8 Captiva

We had a somewhat lazy day again...was overcast and threatened to rain all day. Al printed Northfield racing program and did his picks and I played making a card and posting to my blog.
Coffee and cereal this am and sandwiches for lunch. I cooked dinner making shrimp scampi with mushrooms served over garlicky linguine and salad.  Al really enjoyed the shrimp...said it was best that I had made but think he was just very hungry.  Kicked it up a bit  with red pepper flakes and oregano.
Al watched the races from Northfield and placed some bets.....won  $215.  Snow was really falling  as the horses raced in Cleveland. 

Photo of pelican flying over the bay.

Plan to go to a Super Bowl Party Sunday evening.

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