Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 30 Captiva

It has become our Sunday routine to go to the Farmer's Market in Sanibel. We stopped first at Over Easy for breakfast....Al had his usual bagel and lox platter and I had scrambled eggs, sausage patties, grits,and toast. That's more breakfast than I usually eat but I was hungry!  Headed off to the market for bag of mussels, red snapper, zucchini,tomatoes, radishes, arugula and romaine.  The produce and seafood are very fresh.  Stopped at Bailey's for some milk, pastry, and bread. Spent the afternoon at the beach....we are having such beautiful weather!!!!
Made some pics of dolphins again but not very good.

For dinner, we had steamed mussels in a light Italian sauce.....think I have written about this before. Al loves mussels...says he could eat every day? Not me, but I do love every once in awhile. Served mussels and sauce over linguine with arugula salad with onions, radishes and lemon vinaigrette.
Dessert tonight (which we do not eat often) was Orange Crunch Cake baked by Kate from Bailey's.

Ended the evening by watching the Oscars but fell asleep ...was a boring show.

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