Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 16 Captiva

We were out early today after a light breakfast of toast and grapefruit. Headed to the Farmer's Market in Sanibel that opened at 8AM.  What a busy place...must be the "thing" to do on Sunday AM. 
Borrowed Photo  from Web

Borrowed Photo from Web
The busiest spot was the fresh flower stand...Al bought me pink roses for Valentine's.  We bought mussels, tomatoes, romaine, radishes, and some cheese. All the produce looked great...the radishes we bought were the size of large plum tomatoes.  Looked like everyone was there buying and socializing.

Then we stopped at Jerry's for lamb chops and a few other items for Valentine's Day dinner.  Made a stop at Bailey's for a coconut cake slice (enough for 3 servings) and some Key Lime tarts for dessets. Cakes there are made by the Mermaid Lady who was the original owner of the Bubble Room, (click on link to visit a fun website) an outrageous restaurant on Captiva,  and the Mermaid Kitchen (now closed) , but  she continues to bake cakes sold only at Bailey's.

Back home for lunch of hot dogs and baked beans out of a can.   Took a walk to the beach but too cool and windy to stay.  For dinner we steamed mussels in a light Italian sauce and served over linguini with a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and radishes with blue cheese dressing.  This was our dinner from the Farmer's Market.

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hmmmmmm you two must be really busy now ...
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