Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 10 on Captiva

Another very sunny day but temps in the 50's.  I spent morning catching up with posts on this blog.  I am now up to date.   The weather is chilly again so the morning was spent inside.  For lunch I made barbeque sandwiches with leftovers from the ribs Al had at Doc Ford's served with chips and pickles at the kitchen bar.
Al bundled up and sat awhile on the beach reading and sunning.  I took a short walk on the beach and to the dock making photos. This is what I saw at the beach:


And at the bay:

As you can see not many birds or people were out and about.   While I was at the dock a boat pulling another boat came into the dock.  Evidently some guys were out in Rene's Boat and lost their engine and had to be towed in from a couple miles away.

We enjoyed gin and tonics on the porch.   Al grilled hamburgers tonight and we enjoyed them with all the trimmings and French fries.   I do miss the taste of a grilled burger during the winter months. 

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