Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 23 on Captiva

We stayed with our Sunday routine of going to the Farmer's Market early for tomatoes and fresh produce including some okra today.  We also purchased Scallops and Pompano at the seafood booth.  We then headed home for a lunch of Steak with Provolone sandwich for Al and a Salad with steak for me which I made with last night's leftover meat.
We spent the afternoon  at the beach and came in about 4 for Very Berry Drinks made by Al, the bartender.  He serves many roles here in Captiva.  As mentioned before this drink is made with Tito's Vodka, Lemonade, and Muddled Blueberries.

For dinner, Al the grill master  expertly prepared Scallops on the grill and I served with rice and a green salad.  We ended with Key Lime pie.

Sorry, no photos today.

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