Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 31 on Captiva

Today was another trip to Ding Darling Wildlife Reserve to do some birding.  We arrive shortly after 9am on a beautiful sunny morning.  There were throngs of people today mostly Camera Clubs (with huge lenses on their cameras)  and a lot of "true" birders who we learned were there to see the African White Pelican or  also called Great White Pelican who was spotted Sunday with the White Pelican residents on the drive.  Among the birders were the Stokes.....Lillian called out when she saw the African visitor but he flew off before Al or I saw him.  You can check this pelican out on posts on these blogs Bird Tweets and Stokes Birding Blog.

I am going to add another post of all the Pelican photos from today's outing.
 There were also many other sights and birds on the drive today and here are some of our photographs:
Immature Ibis

 Pair of Tri-colored Herons at the Dike
Mix of Shore Birds
Reddish Egret in Breeding Colors

Tri-colored Heron
 Snowy Egret Eating a Shrimp
This Anhinga was sunning behind the next picture.
Alligator Sunning by the Drive
 Closer Look of the Alligator-What sharp teeth you have!

Now it was time for our lunch.....not to be around when the alligator starts looking for his lunch.  We went back to our spot for sandwiches and chips.  And then an afternoon of sunning ourselves like alligators but at the beach.   Beautiful day of sun and fun.
Tonight the Grill Master prepared Harry's Rib Eye Steak on the Barbie and we enjoyed with Baked Potatoes, fresh Green Beans with Basil, Caprese Salad and glasses of wine.  And we had dessert again...more Tiramisu.
Stay tuned for our photos of White Pelicans.

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