Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 12 on Captiva Post 1

Photo of the day made on the beach at 8:07 am.
After a cup of coffee, I took a walk  on the beach to collect shells since there was low tide early this morning preceded by heavy winds yesterday.  This usually means good shelling, so I went out about 7:15 just after sunrise at 7:08.  I was so intent on looking for shells that I almost missed seeing the eagle on the right about 20 feet from where I was.    I quickly opened my camera and managed a few good shots before he flew away. 
I had a good collection of shells from my walk including a lot of conches, fig shells, calico scallops, whelks,  one tulip and one junonia.   There were several dead fish washed up because of the Red Tide effects.
 More Photos from morning walk:
I think to view the video you must be on the blog and click on the arrow below.
Video from morning to show waves and surfer:

 More on today's activities to come on second post.

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