Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 3 on Captiva

Today is the beginning of a new month. Already?   Today began slowly with coffee and bear claws served by the Room Service Guy (known as Al by some folk).   We spent a restful morning catching up with blogging and doing surveys....all that computer stuff that we do.
We had brunch of poached eggs, steak(leftovers), toast,fresh sliced tomatoes, and orange juice on the porch.  rain was forecast but never shown up....just a bit overcast.

There were several butterflies in the trees just outside the porch and I managed to capture one with the wild morning glories:

We took a walk over to the beach and found the Eagle was still hanging out in the Australian Pine tree.
 We walked back to the dock on the bayside and made some pictures:

As we sat on the bench on the dock,  the fishermen in a near by boat called out for us to look behind us and there stood a Great Blue Heron coming down the walk way.


He stood quietly for several minutes posing for our cameras.   He then flew into the water for a fish but returned to a piling by the dock before flying atop the roof of the boat house.

And then he flew away:
For dinner tonight,  I prepared a Chicken Salad Plate with mixed greens, sautéed chicken tenders, avocado, hard boiled egg wedges, tomato wedges, radishes, red onion slices, parmesan cheese  and more with Asiago  Black Peppercorn Dressing.  This was enjoyed with hot French Rolls and glasses of Pinot Grigio and Merlot.

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