Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 22 on Captiva

Saturday has again  arrived....time is going very quickly!  The morning began quietly with coffee and fresh pastries from Publix.  I spent most of the morning downloading photographs and working on some posts..  Al is resting up on the porch surfing the web and emails.  After a lunch of Chicken Soup and Matzo Balls,  it was time for Al's massage at the Tween Waters Spa.  I went with him and passed the time walking around the marina and grounds.

There are many  beautiful boats anchored at the dock:

Al felt like a new man after his massage which helped his injured leg feel better.
We headed to the beach not wishing to miss the glorious sun we have today.  Just before we were leaving the sandy beach, we spotted dolphins swimming by and I captured this one digitally
At bay side this afternoon, the tide was out and fishermen were in the shallow waters
along with just a few birds:

We had drinks with shrimp cocktail.  Dinner tonight was Grilled Steak prepared by the grillmaster Al and served with baked potatoes and Caesar Salad and dessert of Key Lime Pie.   Al watched the harness  races from Northfield Park.

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