Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 18 on Captiva

Early birds on the beach:

It rained most of the night.....sounds of heavy rain and wind woke us up several times.  I took an early walk to the beach but no signs of any shells from the storm so I walked over to the bayside just as birds were congregating after sunrise.
I made a couple of videos of the activity of the birds:

I played making  some  cards and Al paid bills and checked out weather at home.  For brunch I made a pasta omelet using leftover pasta from last night and served with bacon and toast with orange juice.

We spent time at the beach enjoying another lovely day .......only a few birds but more people walking on the beach today, some with dogs.  After a couple hours here, we checked out the dock on the bay where fishermen were anchored near by the dock.   Several brown pelicans were busy feeding.

I tried to catch birds in flight and did capture this osprey shown on left.

For dinner tonight I made the  Crispy Italian Chicken Topped with Mozzarella again  and served with fresh asparagus with lemon butter and baked potato with butter and sour cream.   Very good....so crispy and easy to make.

Just a Note: This is what the weather is like at home.
Bob sent us this photo of the snowy weather :

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