Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day on Captiva Part One

What a lovely Valentine's Day that we had!  We had a fun filled day with a lot of activity beginning with an exchange of cards with coffee and pastries.  Our exchange of cards continued throughout the day.   We went to the Farmer's Market about 9:00 to purchased produce including more of those delicious Florida tomatoes and a lovely bouquet of red roses.  The market was very busy....guess the holiday and beautiful day brought everyone out.  From there we went to Art and Craft Fair at the Sanibel Community Center  and checked out the over 100 artists with booths.
We headed back to the house for lunch and then off to the beach.  The weather today was perfect for enjoying the sun and surf.  This was our best day so far to be on the beach.  The Willets were there along with a Marbled Godwit.  

A Pair of Willets celebrating Valentine's together.
I saw a dolphin jump up in the air just as we were about to leave.  His body was totally out of the water.   We walked over to the bayside and were very surprised by 2 or 3 Dolphins swimming and feeding there.   One Dolphin surfaced just feet from the dock where we sat.

 One of the dolphins made a big splash when he dived in to feed.
I captured this dolphin swimming in the bay with the brown pelicans......sorry, it is a bit jerky.
If you are seeing this in an email   you must go to my blog and  click on the video to view.
Valentine's Day to continue in Part Two.

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