Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 15 on Captiva

This week has gone fast, already 2 weeks on the island.  After coffee and pastries, Al and I went to the Bailey Tract on Sanibel for a hike and bird watching about 8:30...turned out to be mostly hiking since we did not see that many birds.  As we were leaving, we saw a large pod of White Pelicans soaring high in the sky in rhythmatic  motion.   It was like watching music in motion.  I caught part of it on a video that I will try to edit and post later.




We then went home for lunch of sandwiches and Al went to the Sanibel Spa for a massage.  After he came home we went to the beach.   It was again very windy and several Kite Surfers were making the best of the surf.
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Click on the arrow to see video.
I was able to capture some of their moves on video:
For dinner I prepared Panko Crusted Red Snapper from Timbers Fish Market and served with Fried Okra and Caprese Salad, all ingredients from Sanibel Farmers Market.

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